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Who Are We?

  1. Xyphien LLC is a Disabled Veteran Ran Creative Company. Making anything from games to animated videos for other companies. Our goal is to create something unique for everyone!
  2. Our main focus is Board Games, Video Games, Mods for games, as well as Logo Creation, Animated Videos & Intro Video Creation, as well as building back links for web developers! You can check out our PRICING page to find out more!
  3. If you wish to find out what we’re currently working on you can join our Guilded Server and talk with the staff of Xyphien LLC by visiting HERE
Live Chat!

Chat with us!

We use guilded as our way of communication. We’re verified and partnered with guilded so we use that almost exclusively! Guilded is a new chatting service that has a TON of amazing features such as calendars with RSVP capabilities, Forums, Check Lists, Global Announcements that act as a blog, as well as subscriptions so you can help support us by subscribing for a small monthly fee. So, what are you waiting for, come and talk with the staff as well as the entire Xyphien LLC community right now!

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Our Goals

To create creative products everyone can enjoy!


We're community driven, with a unique live chat that allows everyone to voice their opinions, suggestions, and to talk with the staff and other community!


Our passion is gaming, and as such we develop a ton of games, board games, video games, game mods, game servers, and more!


We strive to make cheap and affordable graphics for anyone in need of it! We have access to millions of assets so we create semi-custom Logos, Intro Videos, Animated Videos, and more for our clients at cheap and affordable rates!


We made it easy to find us, if you're looking for our location look no further. This is it. We're an entirely online company, no office to go to. Buy any products you'd like directly on our website, or get in contact with us on our guilded server. No more hassle of waiting for the store to open!

What The
Players Say

The nest dude on the planet for logo designs.



quick delivery and clear communication. 10/10 would use again.



Xyphien was super helpful ONCE AGAIN! He helped deliver exactly what I needed. I will be going to him for all my creative design projects from now on! -Returning Customer

Clan Mar

Clan Mar


Find answers to all of your questions here

How can I contact Xyphien LLC?

It’s easy, simply join our Guilded server HERE

What do y'all do?

We do a little bit of almost everything. From building your online presence, and getting you known more online to creating logos, intro videos, board games, video games, and more! Anything creative we tend to do!

Something I need isn't listed, do you offer it?

We may offer what you’re wanting, we just don’t have it listed! Feel free to message us! You can contact us via EMAIL, or join our GUILDED server.

Why did you switch from a cooperate look?

We wanted to do something more unique, creative and stylish. Standing out is what we ensure in our clients, why not do it ourselves?!

What are your prices?

You can check that out by going HERE

Who owns Xyphien LLC?

The owner of Xyphien LLC goes online by as Xyphien. Also known as Chaun Farmer. A disabled veteran, that’s been working with creative content since pre 2009. Originally a web developer in 2009 his love for creativity out weighed everything. After getting medically discharged from the Army he decided to move to Indiana and open up Xyphien LLC to spread the creativity at low prices compared to the competition.