About Xyphien LLC

Xyphien LLC was founded in 2019 by Chaun Farmer, a resident in Kokomo, Indiana. Xyphien LLC is a creative company making products & designs for companies around the world!

What we offer


Not only do we help other companies out with designs, websites, etc. We also create our own board games, video games, websites, communities, and more! From Demi Trading Card Game to Pixacrea, the creature collecting video game!

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What We Do

Card Games

We develop Card Games such as Demi Card Game. A mythology based trading card game in which you fight to gain power for your pantheon of choice!

Tabletop Games

We develop Board Games as well as Tabletop Games. Games such as Sword Smith, a board game in which you create the best sword you can against up to 3 other people in hopes to save the world from imminent danger


We help other companies, youtubes, streamers, and tons others in developing graphics for their image. From Logos to Animated videos & Promo videos! If you're looking for a new and affordable graphic to help your image we offer semi-unique graphics from thousands of our assets to ensure the cheapest graphic possible!


We offer packages that will increase your Search Engine Ranking and help improve your SEO by giving you hundreds to thousands of backlinks. From EDU, to wiki and profile posts. Do and no follow links to ensure that Search Engines see it's natural and high quality back links.



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