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Xyphien LLC was founded by Chaun Farmer. After he got medically discharged from the army with 90% disability he wanted to do something that he loves, however being a jack of all trades made it hard for him to decide on what to do. After selling his house and moving to Indiana Chaun founded Xyphien LLC in Kokomo Indiana in 2020 where he set out to develop the best games. From:

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Demi is a mythology based expandable card game that has sold copies around the world! From Japan, Germany, to Canada, and of course the United States! You can find out more information by going to the website!


Pixacrea is not only a Trading Card Game, but also a Multiplayer, true Co-Op video game where you can play by yourself or with up to two other players! Each controlling a Pixacrea and helping one another out in the Creature Taming battles!

Necro Summoner

Necro Summoner is a very simple, fast-pace game that pins two necromancers against eachother in a rock paper scissors style game! Choose between Fire, Water, and Earth. Fire beats Water, Water beats Earth, and Earth beats Water. If you both choose the same element, whichever number on the car is higher wins that round!

Drink !t

Drink !t is an adult only game in which you play with a larger group of friends. Flipping the cards over, and doing what it says. Whenever you lose, or fail to do something you have to drink.

Dark Hex Dungeon

DHD is Chess 2.0! You can choose from several pieces to play, go turn by turn to choose and place one on the field, giving your opponent a turn to counter play, after you both have 6 pieces on the field, you can make 3 actions each turn. Actions consist of Movement, Attacking, and Rotating. The object of the game is to destroy all your enemies pieces before they destroy yours.

Among the Crusaders

AtC is a social deduction board/card game, in which 10 people play asnd try figure out who the demon is before the kill all of the crusaders.
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