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Among the Crusaders

Among the Crusaders


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You and your party are a group of hand selected Crusaders set out on an adventure to purify the world of all evil. However, you quickly realize that the evil you’re traveling to destroy has been among you the whole time. Can you rid the world before the demons that have masked themselves among your group kill off the rest of the Crusaders?

As a Crusader you roll a D20 to move across the world, go to task icons in order to complete tasks and hit a certain amount in order to completely purify the world of evil. With a 26 card deck you have two types of cards. Event cards, and Crusade cards. Crusade cards are used to give people an advantage at the game, from moving extra spaces, swapping places with others, and even discarding and redrawing cards from their hand and deck.

As a Demon you must blend in with the rest of your party in order to survive. Move across the board, complete tasks, as well as slowly kill off all other Crusaders. You play with 1 – 3 other Demons, and your biggest downfall is how perceptive those at the table can be.


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