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Xyphien LLC Games

Xyphien LLC strives to create fun, engaging, and exciting games for all ages! We have games specifically designed for specific ages, but we do have other games for other ages as well! Below you will be able to view all of our games that we have finished developing as well as games we are in the process of developing!

Demi Card Game

Demi Card game is a 2 player game in which you fight for the Mythology of your choice in order to gain more followers for those gods. The more people supporting that Mythology, the more powerful they become. In Demi you start with 0 followers, and have to make your way up to 20 million, which can, and often is simplified to 20. When playing the Physical version of the game people tend to use either a calculator, paper, or a 20 sided die in order to keep track. You gain followers by creature on creature combat. With unique game play mechanics, and unique Mythology based TCG rules this game is fun for everyone!

Necro Summoner

Necro Summoner puts you in the shoes of a Necromancer Acolyte. You’re goal is to defeat all the other Acolytes in order to get promoted to a fully fledged necromancer. Summon the undead and out smart your opponent in a simplistic, easy to learn card game. No deck building, no collecting, simply buy the full game in a one time purchase and become a fully fledged Necromancer!

Among the Crusaders

Social Deduction, Demons Versus Crusaders.

You and your party are a group of hand selected Crusaders set out on an adventure to purify the world of all evil. However, you quickly realize that the evil you’re traveling to destroy has been among you the whole time. Can you rid the world before the demons that have masked themselves among your group kill off the rest of the Crusaders?

As a Crusader you roll a D20 to move across the world, go to task icons in order to complete tasks and hit a certain amount in order to completely purify the world of evil. With a 26 card deck you have two types of cards. Event cards, and Crusade cards. Crusade cards are used to give people an advantage at the game, from moving extra spaces, swapping places with others, and even discarding and redrawing cards from their hand and deck.

As a Demon you must blend in with the rest of your party in order to survive. Move across the board, complete tasks, as well as slowly kill off all other Crusaders. You play with 1 – 3 other Demons, and your biggest downfall is how perceptive those at the table can be.


Xyleria is a tabletop/board/card game. It combines everything into one. People are saying it’s a D&D game without the need of a DM. You start off on the world map which has squares. 

You and your party take turns rolling the 1d4, once everyone rolls and you haven’t made it to a spot (village, city, dungeon, etc.) the month is over and you then battle a boss. If you make it to a city or village you grab that map and make your way around there, landing on areas you’d like such as NPCs, etc. randomly spawning them. (You draw a NPC card and that’s the NPC for that area) If you go into a dungeon you roll a d20 and that number is the dungeon map you spawn in. Every time you go through an exit in the dungeon you roll a d20 again, it creates a unique and randomly spawned dungeon every time. In there there’s chest cards, monsters, etc. if you land on one you draw the card associated with the icon. 

The main goal is to get items, and defeat the god that is chopping down yggdrasil to save the worlds from separating. NPC cards have things such as a normal NPC that says random stuff and doesn’t do anything, Quest NPC Cards, Shop Cards, and also Crafting NPCs that allows you to craft your items into weapons and armor.


Drink !t

This game is an adult drinking game. It should be purchased by those who are of drinking age (whatever that might be in your country)

This game is designed to be a fun alternative to your standard drinking games, and combines lots of fun drinking games into one on top of adding it’s own unique spin as well as unique game play mechanics.

Sit down with your friends, bring it out at a party, or enjoy socially to have fun whilst drinking.

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